D'New HBDC has one of the most advanced systems in the business industry.

  • Fully link using state of the art software system application in purchasing, inventories, warehousing & logistics, employees DTR, ATM payrolls, payables/receivables, etc. With this system, the company cuts down its operating expenses.

  • One of the elite few using a Web based LCD type biometric daily time record, not only for the offices, but also at all project site, minimizing ghost payroll problems, inaccurate DTR, having to bring a computer to projects site for the traditional biometric system which doesn't have an LCD attached, thus improving the costing of manpower for a projects site.

  • Can deploy anytime to anywhere in the Philippines as long as there is telephone line connection since the daily time record is web based, so it's a real time system. The head office can monitor everything up to the last second through the web based application thus the company cuts down its operating expenses.

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