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image by HBDC

Uymatiao 2 storey Logistics Company office


Located in Reclamation area, Cebu is the head operation for this logistics company. 

Pre fabricated Steel structures maximizing productivity and turnover date. Hot rolled wide flange all prepared off site, to maximizing space in this tight and congested area.

image by HBDC



450 sqm floor area

2 storey residential building, using load bearing wall blocks. all steel defomed bars are pre cut off site. a modern house in the heart of Mandaue City, Cebu

image by HBDC


3-storey automotive parts building.

Designing this building, involves assuming 800kgs per Sq.m. and above for the suspended slab.

Conventional structures cast in situ / cast in place. All walls precast concrete, lifted by a 50 tons mobile crane.

Project scheduling is very important as you involve precast concrete. From casting, concrete pouring, demoulding, lifting, connecting. 

All this must go hand in hand with the conventional cast in situ main structures. 


image by HBDC

Fine Victory Limited Inc.

PEZA 5 storey manufacturing building

A 13,000 sqm building. Using in house H beam design / hot rolled W flange for the main structure members.

GI sheet sandwich wall securing the main walls. Interval bracing, hand railings was installed to protect the walls from accidental impact. 

Rubberized paint use to cover the florr finish floor line for added protection from scratches cause by trolleys, human traffic etc. 

To increase the pace of exterior work, 2 JLG manlift was deployed. Eliminating the need for exterior scaffoldings. 

Project completed in 9 months 

image by HBDC

Shopwell Opon

A proposed 2-Storey Commercial Building located at Gun-ob, Lapu-lapu City.

A building using in house H beam design / hot rolled W flange for the main structure members. Load bearing werkhof blocks on concrete wall with 2500psi minimum strength. Using PVC roof more cooler than the regular GI roofing saves the cost to use roof insulation.

image by HBDC
R Hotel
Floor Area: 3300 square meters
Location: No. 49, Tres Borces St. Mabolo, Cebu City, Philippines
Category: 11 Storey Business Hotel 
building a 11 storey hotel in a fully utilized 400 sq.m. tight land would be a big challenge for any conctractor . where to place the bunkhouse, temporary office, inventories, loading unloading ares, concreting pouring (pump car and transit mixer blocking the road) issues was all being considered prior to starting the project. 
what hbdc did, was avoiding using a full size tower crane (aisde from limited space to fit the crane, you need to consider the 3 phase generator to power it) space and additional cost to the customer was considered. 4 portable mini crane lifters was in place to assist in the lifting needs.
primary focus was placed into the substructure works, slab on grade concreting (avoid soft soil during the rainy days). from there, each floor were build structurally every 3-4 weeks. construction period for the whole project in 12 months.
image by HBDC
Nissan Cebu Central
Area: 2000+ square meters
Location: A. Soriano Ave., North Reclamation Area, Cebu City
Category: Proposed Nissan Car Showroom
Car showroom needs to have an open area, thus, we utilize post tension beam during the construction period. Tendons are pulled after concrete pouring for the suspended beams. 
Epoxy paint are utilized for the car servicing floor area.
The finish floor line was also evelated to counter heavy rainfall or flooding cause by the drainage to enter the showroom area. 
Project duration 12 months. 
image by HBDC
Sanicare Care Products Asia Inc.
Area: 5000 square meters
Location: Mactan, Lapu Lapu City, Cebu
Category: Two storey warehouse
helping philippine largest tissue maker stamped their presence here in visayas, philippines region. a 2 story warehouse completed in 1 year. 
image by HBDC
Talisay Apartment

Area: 3000 square meters
Location: Tabunok, Talisay City
Category: 36 units dormotory
located in the city proper. this dormitory was quite a good strategic plan by the owner. all building was made by concrete. architectural details was emphasize during the construction period, proper safety guards and nets was place adjacent to neighbor properties (avoiding spillage from concrete pouring).
challanges posted by working near residentail areas would be working time, since people go to rest mostly passed 8 pm , construction was a challenge to hit the target time. project was completed in 10 months
image by HBDC
Talisay Town Center

Area: 3000 sq.
Location: Tabunok, Talisay City
Category: Proposed Commercial Building
located in the heart of urban talisay city, cebu , philippines. the whole 7000 sq.m. lot was subdivided for multiple usage. client created a mix, commercial strip, dormitory and a future recreating center.
construction was a full concrete building, boom truck (12 tons capacity), portable mini crane lifters was use to speed up the erection lifting requirements. ready mix concrete to facilitate a seamless concreting of structures. construction machineries was palced to compliment all  skilled steelman, carpenters, masons, welders works.
construction completed in 12 months
image by HBDC
PAC Realty
Area: 700 sq.m.
Location: Canduman, Mandaue City, Cebu
Category:  Warehouse Building
a pocket size multiporpose warehouse. this project is one of our small, compact, pocket size warehouse project. pre engineered steel structure was made by our fabrication team off site, deliver to site pre fabricated already. all you need to do is bolt them up. 
a mobile crane was requested to speed up the construction, regular concrete hollow blocks with plastering works was utliize for our walls. project was completed in 6 months time.
a very smart idea from the client of coming up with pocket compact warehouses. (catering into SME)
image by HBDC
FCO International Inc.
Area: 13000+ square meters
Location: Cebu Light Industrial Park, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu
Category: Proposed Three Storey Building w/ Mezzanine
a pre engineered steel building mix with light weight wall panels. 3 mobile cranes, 1 boom lift, 600 workers during this construction period. finish in 8 months time
image by HBDC
Paknaan Greenland Corporation

Area: 7000+ square meters
Location: Paknaan, Mandaue City, Cebu
Category: Proposed Warehouse Building
a pre engineered steel building. we start our prices at 8000 pesos per sq.m. depending on your specifications and needs. 6 months building erection including slab on grade, walls, roofs, electrical , plumbing lines.
image by HBDC
Cebu Seafood Processing and Export Corp.
Area: 1200+ square meters
Location: Carmen, Talisay, City, Cebu
Category: Three storey office building

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