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We are a Philippine based General Construction Company that specializes in Pre engineered Steel Fabricated buildings (commercial & warehouse buildings) and Pre-casting Concrete buildings (commercial, warehouse buildings & economic housing). We plan, design and construct to suit your needs.

With over 15 years’ experience and a long history of satisfied clients from different industries, our company has the facilities, resources, experience, and dedication to execute projects at the highest level.

Our Construction Division can handle the following general engineering activities:

Concreting Works

As the foundation of any construction project, we make use of high-quality concrete to build structures that are safe for all our clients to use, reside and work in.

Reinforcing Bar Works

We employ reinforcing bars of proven durability to ensure that concrete is secured and strengthened.

Steel Works

We build steel frames that are tried and tested to give you a durable and well-structured buildings, skyscrapers, towers, bridges, highways and the like.

Masonry Works

Whether quality bricks, building stones and concrete or veneer blocks, our masonry works provide compressive strength that best suit structures of all kinds.

Carpentry Works

We have able carpenters who possess the skills of cutting, shaping and installing building materials to produce a requested structure of strength and durability.

Roofing Works

We have certified roofers who are skillful in replacing, repairing and installing roofs of houses and building using a variety of materials such as metal, shingles and the like.

Plumbing Works

We employ a team of plumbers who specialize in installing, repairing and maintaining systems employed for drinking water, sewage and drainage.

Painting Works

Whether applying paint, stains and coatings to walls, buildings, bridges and other structures, you can be sure that our painters have the skills to do the job right.

Wall Partition & Ceiling Works

Take your pick between drylining system, interior partition, performance drywalls or wet area drywalls and watch our adept team efficiently do the job for you!

Electrical Works

Our team of licensed electricians are adept in working on electrical wiring of buildings, transmission lines, stationary machines and other related equipment.

Heavy Equipment

For any construction tasks, we come equipped with machineries such as bulldozers, excavators, cement mixers, road rollers, back hoes and cranes PLUS the manpower to operate these to ensure that the job is done right.

Rehabilitation & Rectification

We’ve always considered the job of rehabilitating and rectifying buildings or any other structures a form of art. Nothing beats the feeling of restoring a structure to its former glory!


Another job that we consider an art is tiling – the task covering a specific area with tiles that when put together like a puzzle, is able to give the place more life, design and color.

Equipment Rentals

When in need of any of the heavy equipment to do your construction tasks, our machineries are available for rent.

D'New HBDC is presently engaged in various design and construction activities in Cebu with primary emphasis in the following areas:

  • 01.

    Pre Engineered Steel Building

  • 02.

    Economic Housing

  • 03.

    Precast Concrete Building

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Our Featured Finished Projects

image by HBDC

Talisay Town Center

Finished right on schedule, received positive feedback from the owner himself

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image by HBDC

Asian Home Appliance Center

It was a challenge for us but with the right team it was delivered ahead of schedule.

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image by HBDC

Nissan Display Center

The client was truly happy with this project, he was not wrong on choosing HBDC

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