About us

A strong team with a strong background

On the 5th of February 2004, Engr. Rodesson Yu , together with Mr. Daniel Tiu and Mr Paul Ryan Ong organized D'new Hard Builders & Dev't Corp (DHBDC). The firm started its 1st project at Yutivo Hardware, building its warehouse. DHBDC is presently engaged Pre engineered Steel & Precast concrete buildings.

D'New HBDC holds its main office inside Plaspack Industrial Corporation, Mandaue City. With a branch in Sitio Molave, Tayud Liloan for its operations.


Mission statement:

To provide world class quality on midsize construction projects and proper aftersales service

Integrity - Word of honor
Culture - Japanese culture blended with Filipino tradition
Professionalism - Separating home and work
Proactive - Positive reaction to everything
Adaptive - Easy to adjust to new ideas, technologies & habits

Vision statement:

To be the leading PEB and Precast concrete structure provider in the Philippines

HBDC Attains ISO 9001-2008 re-Certification

Last October 03, 2012, achieves the re-certification for ISO 9001-2008 with the leadership of Mr. Rellington Yu (QMR) Quality Management Representative with the ISO auditors from AJA Philippines.

First International Admin Outing in Hongkong

On November 2011, the team had an international admin outing with the presence of the top management. The team enjoyed and really had fun. It ‘was very refreshing and relaxing. It is a nice way to unwind and relieve stress from work. The outing was held for 3 days and 2 nights. All in all, it was an awesome and we had ton of fun!!

D' New HBDC's 10th Anniversary

On February 5, 2014 HBDC celebrated 10th anniversary located beside Calero Memorial Estate Sitio Molave, Tayud Lilo-an Cebu. Many employees awarded with Certificates and souvenirs. And others gave their testimony on how their lives changes because of the company. And it ended with sumptuous dinner but not only that it ended with unforgettable experience for everyone because they openly shared their lives that made them closer and unite as a team. Lastly, the president Mr. Rodesson Yu congratulate the team, for completed 10 glorious years of success.

Purchase of 1st Mobile Crane 50 Tons

Purchased on february 2018. An extremely efficient and flexible machine that can be used for various applications in construction industry and to the company in terms of logistic needs especially for the big projects and high buildings.

For this machine can help the project to be done on time. And if you want help for your logistics needs, don’t hesitate to contact us.

ISO Certified 9001 : 2015

On June 27, 2018, we achieved the ISO Certification 9001:2015 with the help of the Team and with the guidance of Mr. Rellington Yu (GM), ISO Consultant and with the presence of the auditors from AJA Philippines, who intensively checked the alignment of the company on the said certification. Being certified isn’t easy, you’ll need to accomplish all the requirements to be aligned. On the preparation days we had sleepless nights because we have trainings and documents needs to be done but it’s worthy because we’ve got certified.

Birth of Hardyland

It ‘was January 05, 2017; Hardyland was born. It is the sister company of the HBDC and offer affordable commercialized houses. The First project, Genesis Homesville have 99 houses located at Binabag, Estaca, Compostela, Cebu. For more queries please contact us.

What clients say

Excellent! Impressed on how professional your people are

Nathalie Uy

Very Good!

Leah D. Nemenzo
Manager BDO Mandaue

Our Favorite Client Feedback

First of all I would like to extend our gratitude for helping us with our home in Amara. However, we’ve encountered so many problems of different extent that a client would definitely complain about. To be completely honest there are some things I choose to be lenient, but on a client’s perspective I would definitely have complained.

We’ve been staying in our house for over a month now. The first thing we encountered on the first day was our main door failing to open from the outside. Aside from that our side window screen didn’t have sealant. We have a number of ponding of water cases but mainly on the master’s bedroom CR. Our water pump and tank was also both a real problem in the beginning which still happens to occur from time to time. Although you didn’t install it but it shows how reliant you were with the subcon that you failed to check if they were of good quality or if the work was done well. The smell from the dirty kitchen cooking goes in thru the guests’ room CR and it becomes a constant problem since our house starts smelling like fish entirely. Lights are a bit excessive too not to mention the mistake in color of one of the light bulbs in the walk-in closet. The list goes on but I’m thankful my husband has been familiar with construction stuff for so long that he would know what to do when problem arises. The problem would be if we were both clueless like how most of the client would most probably be (example for the future clients). Clients would probably have little good to say about the finished product of HBDC not to mention the constant follow-up on repairs/back jobs and sometimes HBDC workers just arrive on their own time without letting the home owner know.

my huband and I appreciate the house and for all the repairs that’s on going. Please don’t take this as an insult but instead as a constructive criticism which will help the company improve even more.

Thank you and God bless!

We are Hiring

Admin Office Staff

The position is for the person who is responsible for providing various kinds of administrative assistance


The position is for the person who can do material canvassing for our projects

Quantity Surveyor

A professional with expertise of knowledge on construction costs and contracts

Warehouse Officer

Someone who'll be incharge of the warehouses and storage facilitie

MEPF Engineer

Mechanical, electrical, plumbing and Fire engineer, an individual who's up for the challenging task

Safety Officer

An individual who'll be responsible for the for the safety of the people who work in the company

Site Architecht

Someone who plans, designs and reviews the construction of the project buildings of HBDC